7 Ways to Win Your Race

7 Ways to Win Your RaceImagine what it would be like to win an Olympic Gold. To be considered the proven best in a world of 6 billion people as you stand on the elevated platform and wear the reward of your success. To hear your national song that allows every citizen at home to celebrate the honor and victory with you.

What if the Olympic Commission called you today and said they believed that you could win a gold medal for your country. They would also be 100% committed and dedicated to do everything possible for you to experience the fullness of that great victory. How would that make you feel? What immediate changes would you make in your life? Focus, passion, hope, determination, and reckless abandonment would become just some of the words energizing your pursuit to win.

Called & Commissioned

The Christian life has many similarities. It is not a spectator sport. It is a race that requires a winning discipline. We have received heaven’s call to run the race of life for the imperishable crown. The witnesses in heaven rejoice in our victories of faithful service on earth.

As Christians, Christ has called us and commissioned us as His ambassadors. He died for us, He lives for us, and He will never leave us. He has given us His Holy Spirit. He is 100% committed to finishing the work He began in our lives. [tweetable]God does not want our success; He wants us. He does not want our achievements; He wants our obedience.[/tweetable]

If heaven is the guaranteed possession of every born again Christian, then why do so many gifted believers in Christ refuse to enter the race, refuse to train with conviction, refuse to discipline the desires of the flesh, and refuse to run wholeheartedly with complete abandonment?

How to Win, Starting Today

When the anticipation of attending church on Sunday can demonstrate greater enthusiasm than attending a professional playoff game…oh, how great will be the work of God!

Maybe today the flame of the Holy Spirit needs to torch our hearts on fire with a burning passion of love for God and others.

Please consider some of the ways that you may be able to [tweetable alt=”7 ways to run the race God has set before you:”]run with endurance the race that God has set before you:[/tweetable]

  1. Forgive and forget the bitterness of your past (press forward in faith)
  2. Live for God (receive His new mercies every day)
  3. Read His Word and let His Spirit lead (this is not optional)
  4. Stay in the race (do not quit)
  5. Work hard for the glory of God (especially when I do not feel like it)
  6. Finish everything God has asked you to do (please Him, not people)
  7. Never turn your back on the grace of God (keep giving & living the gospel)

By what other ways or means do you stay encouraged in the race? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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