The Crippling that Crowns

The Crippling that Crowns

“The Lord cannot fully bless you until He has first conquered you.” –A. W. Tozer

[tweetable]God meets us wherever we are, and then He lifts us up to where He wants us to be.[/tweetable] Like an online messenger, He knows all our thoughts, and like a divine Intel, He knows every motive of our hearts.

Israel: Governed by God

In Genesis 32, God asked Jacob, “What is your name?” Jacob, whose name means “schemer” and “deceiver,” had been living up to the meaning of his name.

He’d refused to deal with his issues of pride, selfishness, and fear. So God got his attention by wrestling with him one night. By the next morning Jacob had lost the battle physically, but spiritually he’d won a huge victory! God exposed his sin, and Jacob learned that the Lord’s grace was the only thing that could sustain him.

For the rest of his life, Jacob suffered a dislocated hip. Limping with every step, he was reminded of the day he surrendered to God’s purposes. When Jacob finally decided to give up his self-serving ambitions, he received the Lord’s blessing and power.

G. Campbell Morgan called Jacob’s experience “the crippling that crowns,” and to signify his new life, God changed his name to “Israel” (verse 28). Some translations of this name mean “one who wrestles with God” or “one governed by God.” Jacob became a God-mastered man, and his descendants were also called Israel.

Of all the nations that ever existed on earth, God chose to work through only one–Israel.
Of all the nations that ever existed on earth, God chose to work through only one. And though He loves all mankind, He set up a special relationship with Israel, bestowing on them the unique blessing of His revelation for mankind.

Israel received the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the Law, and the service of God. Most importantly, they received the promise of the Messiah, the Savior of the world.

Christian: Follower of Christ

He is the same faithful God who invites us to trust Him today. Like Jacob, when we surrender and allow God to govern our lives, He empowers us. And just as He did for Jacob, He gives us a new name, “Christian,” meaning “follower of Christ.”

As His followers, there is no time to wander through life or live aimlessly!

Let’s each consider these questions to see if we’re living up to our name:

  1. Are you wrestling with God or resting in Him?
  2. Does the name “Christian” accurately describe you?
  3. Are you experiencing the joy of a spiritual limp while surrendering to Him?

Once you’ve evaluated your answers, trust God now to lift you from defeat, discouragement, and depression; adopt you, bless you, and minister to your needs; lead you into a fruitful future; and conform you into His image, even with a limp!

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