The Entitlement Pastor

The Entitlement PastorAfter nearly thirty years of pastoral ministry, I would strongly encourage younger men in the ministry to “let go.”

Let go of your grip on the world and worldliness.

Why are you still in love with the identity of your past? Because you like to hang on to it under the guise of being culturally relevant. You like the idea of being cool, edgy, and slangy. You feel it allows you a platform for ministry. I disagree.

I think it is a very deceptive tool of the enemy to keep you from becoming fully surrendered to Jesus. Satan wants to move you out of ministry, Jesus wants to move you forward in ministry.

This battle will never end on earth.

Culture Over Conformity

You know exactly what I am talking about because you defend your right to keep your stuff, your undisciplined habits, your personal pursuits, and borderline pleasures. You use the Scriptures on liberty to justify your freedom. Sadly, you are becoming “The Entitlement Pastor.”

A right you think you deserve.

No longer do you think of “denying self” as a viable option. Unfortunately, I have noticed that your identity is more entwined and synchronized with trends of the culture than with conformity to Christ. [tweetable via=TommyBlumberg]Celebrity status seems to be more important than obscure faithfulness.[/tweetable]

I love you, brother, that’s why I am warning you.

We all have an expiration date which is quickly approaching. I believe you will greatly regret the wasted years of postponing a life fully yielded to Him, because you failed to identify completely with Christ and to invest your heart in Christ-like discipleship.

I learned early on that discipleship meant letting go. It still means that to me today.

When I’m not in the habit of letting go, there seems to be little room left in my heart for more of Jesus. And with less of Him, there’s no way that I can faithfully be His servant. The pursuit of holy living is where the well of divine love is primed, allowing the overflow of the Holy Spirit. If Jesus let go of heaven’s glory to save you from the horror of Hell, why is it so important for you to still hold on to earthly things. [tweetable]The more frequently that I can live with less of me, the more frequently I can be available for more of Him.[/tweetable]

More Like Him

My liberty is not for personal indulgence, but rather for more grace to let go of anything that keeps me from becoming more like Him. My premise is this: [tweetable via=TommyBlumberg]We are probably more deceived about ourselves than we are willing to admit.[/tweetable] And I think the Apostle Peter might agree.

Pastor, if you allow your church service to become a production, then the body will become an audience expecting an encore that’s better than last week’s performance, and you’ll be tempted to please the happy people instead of worshipping the holy God. The world evaluates success from what is seen, but God evaluates faithfulness from what is unseen. He judges the motives of your heart.

Humility Is Relevant to Every Generation

Pastor, guard your heart at the beginning of your ministry. You may not be deceived doctrinally, but you can become easily deceived in your heart, mind, and emotions. Don’t let Satan establish a stronghold by ministering to your pride. Learn how to be lonely and alone with Jesus. Let go of anything and everything that keeps you from becoming more like Him. [tweetable via=TommyBlumberg]Humility clothed in grace, love, and truth is relevant to every generation.[/tweetable]

May your identity with Christ become your only identity. “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).

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