The Man in the Middle

The Man in the MiddleThe Man in the Middle still stands at the center of world history. Two notorious felons were executed on a wooden cross. But there was The Man in the Middle, choosing to hang between these two criminals. All three would be crucified. Two were convicted sinners, but the Man in the Middle was sinless.

The physical appearance of The Man in the Middle was scandalously stained in blood. His identification was publicly displayed on the cross:

“This Is Jesus Of Nazareth, The King Of The Jews.”

It was written in Greek, Latin and Hebrew for all nations and every generation to read.

Humility hung on the cross. His Majesty wore a blood soaked body. A circle of piercing thorns sarcastically crowned Heavens King. The Man in the Middle was there by choice. He willingly surrendered His body to the predetermined mission of crucifixion. He took the relentless scourging for the healing of our souls. It was His love for all humanity that held Him high on the cross that wondrous day, changing human destiny for all eternity.

The crowd continually cursed Him, but only grace and truth came from the Man in the Middle. He would die as The Messiah, the sacrificial Lamb of God. The price tag to redeem mankind would cost the shedding of His sinless blood. God still demonstrates this kind of love towards us today. His perfection covers all our imperfections. Heaven is a gift of God based on His finished work on the cross.

It was His powerful loving kindness that caused one of the hardened criminals to awaken spiritually. His law-breaking partner remained critical of the passion of Christ. But the repent sinner rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God? The Man in the Middle has done nothing wrong.” Then he humbled himself, seeking forgiveness and desiring an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All three men died that day.

The Man in the Middle died and was buried and three days later He arose again from the dead. Proving that The King from Heaven was Jesus Christ, the eternal God and Savior of the world.

The forgiven sinner died and was taken to paradise. He has never stopped experiencing the fullness of joy in heaven.

The hard-hearted criminal died and was taken to hell. He has never stopped experiencing the torment and pain of a Christ-less eternity.

Today, you are either the forgiven sinner or the hard-hearted criminal. You are either saved or condemned. Life beyond the grave is based upon your decisions before the grave.

Trusting the Man in the Middle will make all the difference in your life today and for all eternity. He died so that you could live.

Will you love Him? Will you live for Him?

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