The Pretender

The Pretender

With No…

With no military, he has conquered the will of more people than all world generals combined.
With no money, he has authority over every earthly possession.
With no advertising, he is internationally known.
With no manipulation, he loves people before they ever get to know him.
With no PhD, he is a genius.
With no MBA, he manages the world’s largest organization.

With no diplomatic office, he negotiates world peace.
With no medical license, he heals thousands.
With no publishing house, volumes of his words and works are in every library.
With no royalties, his name is used in almost every movie produced.
With no media interviews, he is the most talked about person who ever lived.
With no record labels, more songs have been written about him.

With no museum, more works of art reflect his life.
With no speaking engagements, he furnishes the most themes spoken about each week.
With no sequel, the first book published world wide is still the #1 best seller.
With no general contractor, more schools, hospitals, orphanages, were built in his name.
With no marketing, he directs the most giving to the poor and needy throughout the world.
With no oval office, he leads millions of people to do the right thing every day.

You Can Pretend…

You can pretend that this Person does not exist.
You can pretend that this Person does not influence all human history.
You can pretend that the Person did not die for all the pretenders on earth.
You can pretend that this Person does not deserve to be your Lord.

Finally, you can pretend for all eternity, that hell does not exist.

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One Response to “The Pretender”

  1. Rick Klinnert January 22, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    I don’t want to pretend….we cannot deny the Lord. Thanks Pastor Tom for these words of encouragement.