The Prodigal Student

Jesus spoke about a young man who was tired of the boring life at home. His dad responded to his demand for the inheritance check in advance. This fellow now had the cash, the passport, the time and the appetite for adventure.

The Prodigal Student

The new friends were many as he financed everybody’s pleasure and received all kinds of personal affirmation. The public opinion polls would say that his self-esteem was at an all time high. He finally had what he only dreamed about in that predicable life back home. The beer never tasted better and the women seemed available to the new boy in town. Work was not a necessity and life never started until noon each day. The people, the party life, and the paradise found. Who could want anything more?

Do not wager your life for a few moments of extreme pleasure to impress a few friends.

Career vs. Character

Sounds like the campus life for many. A few youthful years financed by dad or the bank. Buying up the worldly philosophy of party hardy. Convincing yourself that once you get the degree you must “sell your soul” to the corporate world, so you willing postpone the development of your character and integrity for the price tag of extreme selfish living with the hope that you can buy it all back in the future.

Jesus later reveals that our party boy was found destitute and friendless in the literal pigpen of life. It was here that he remembered his Father’s love. He now longed for His Father’s love. His appetite changed. He realized that all that this world had to offer could never satisfy the hunger of his soul. He determined to head home and make things right with his Father.

As he began that long journey home, he was overtaken by his Father’s embrace. In the moments of brokenness and repentance he confessed his rebellion to his Father, only to be rewarded with his Father’s never failing love. He was then given the assurance that his life would be restored and he could be useful with an eternal purpose on earth.

An instant message to my college friends:

  1. Do not wager your life for a few moments of extreme pleasure to impress a few friends.
  2. Your life is valuable today, you have something to bring to the table, so don’t put yourself out of circulation by careless decisions.

Remember, Jesus Christ has never stopped loving you.

So if you find yourself in the pigpen of the world, remember His goodness and kindness. He has been watching and waiting for you ever since you left the comfort of His love. I encourage you to start your way back home. He will be embracing you soon in His everlasting arms of love.

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